A List Of Solar Panel Grants For Homeowners

A List Of Solar Panel Grants For Homeowners

Every year, more homeowners choose to install solar panels on their property to harness solar energy and enjoy its benefits. But the cost of installing these systems can be significant. To alleviate some financial burden, the United States Department of Energy has taken steps to promote renewable energy. It’s made grant opportunities available to some homeowners.

Let’s explore solar panel grants for homeowners.

Why Are Grants There in the First Place?

The government collaborated with certain agencies and departments to encourage property owners to adopt solar energy. So, numerous grants were introduced to provide funding for solar panel installation. They allow homeowners and businesses to receive financial assistance. But they don’t have to repay the funds.

Though the federal government doesn’t directly issue government-funded grants for clean energy upgrades, it facilitates the grants through partnerships with federal departments and local organizations.

Green Retrofit Grants

These grants are provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Homeowners living in low-income areas who qualify can receive grants to install and sustain solar panel systems or other alternative energy sources.

Tribal Energy Program

Tribes can benefit from this program which is administered by the DOE’s Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs. This program offers grants to tribes for fuel-neutral and technology projects (like implementing a solar system).

Rural Energy for America Program Grants

Small rural business owners and farmers can take advantage of this grant offered by the United States Department of Agriculture. These grants support upgrades to existing energy-efficient systems or the installation of solar power systems.

Other USDA/Government Assistance

  • USDA offers high-energy cost grants to help rural homeowners in areas with abnormally high electricity bills.
  • Homeowners may also benefit from renewable energy grants provided by the United States Department of the Treasury. These grants also go by the name “1603 Program”. They are reimbursements for solar panel installations.
  • Homeowners can potentially qualify for solar panel rebates, which can reduce the cost of the system by 10% to 20%. The investment tax credit provides a 26% return on investment through a federal solar tax credit, and some states may offer their own tax credits as well.
  • Performance-based incentives allow utility companies or states to credit solar panel owners for the electricity their systems produce.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates can be earned in states that set minimum solar energy production requirements. These certificates can be sold to utility companies.
  • Some states or cities provide tax exemptions for solar panel systems.

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