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Looking for a sustainable and sufficient way to keep your pool heated all year round? If so, you are looking for a solar pool heating system. Being energy-efficient and easy to use, they have become a popular option with homeowners over the years. Although the initial upfront cost may be significant, the solar pool heating system will pay for itself over the serviceable lifespan of your pool solar heating system.

Every home is different, and you will need to have a suitable setup that best matches your needs. One essential factor is, of course, your pool size. How much water are you heating up? It would be best to consider the roof surface area and orientation with the most sunlight exposure.

An adequate number of solar panels should be able to fit onto your roof and should be facing in the precise direction to obtain the most sunlight exposure possible. One rule of thumb is that the pool solar panels should cover at least 70% of the exact surface area the pool for optimal heating.


Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Solar Pool System

Although solar pool heating systems require little to no maintenance, below are some tips you can consider to get the most out of it:

  • Pool covers are positively suggested as they can help to reduce evaporation and maintain heat. Particularly a dark pool cover that as they are capable of absorbing more heat from the sun.
  • Your solar panels should receive sufficient sunlight exposure. To optimize solar generation, the ideal is a south-facing installation.
  • As a rule of thumb, the installation size should be a minimum of 70% of the pool area. This can go up to 120%. (12)


Solar pool heating is ideal if you wish to keep using your pool all year round, even during the cold winter months. Below are some benefits you can expect to reap:

  • After the initial installation cost, there are no additional fees to pay. This is on top of eliminating fuel costs.
  • With a serviceable lifespan of up to 20 years without maintenance, you will find that your solar pool system is an investment that pays for itself. Some systems also come with warranties for additional peace of mind.
  • Solar pool systems are sustainable and environmentally friendly besides being easy to install – they can either go on the roof or ground.
  • Even in the most extreme weather conditions, solar panels are resilient and designed to withstand hurricanes.
  • You may be worried that your solar pool system may not work with overcast weather. However, the sun’s thermal properties are not affected by clouds. Although you may find that your panels cool down a little when there’s rain, you can expect your solar pool heating system to regain its optimal temperature quickly.
  • It’s no surprise that electricity and gas prices are constantly on the rise. When you opt for a solar pool system, you will no longer have to worry about the fluctuating price of energy bills – an upfront cost is all you pay.


When you are ready to install a solar pool heating system for your pool, Solar Energy Solutions of America is your one-stop-shop. Come to us now and find out how you can utilize a sustainable source of energy production while achieving even better results. We partner with UMA Solar to provide the top-quality pool solar panels you need!