Benefits Of Storing Your Solar Energy

While many people understand the importance of solar energy, this understanding rarely extends to the need to store solar energy. In reality, it is difficult to tap into the full benefits of solar power if you are not storing the energy that is generated for later use.  So what are some of the reasons why you should consider storing solar energy at home or in the office?

Greater Convenience

When it comes to solar energy, there often is a difference between when the energy is generated and when it is actually consumed. In most cases, energy is generated during the day and utilized. if you do not have energy storage capabilities, then any excess energy is usually wasted. if energy storage capabilities, however, one is able to store this excess energy which can then be utilized in the evening when less power is being generated.  The solar batteries are rechargeable which means that even if power is depleted, the batteries will be recharged the following day.

Power During an Outage

If you live in an area that experiences power outages, the good news is that you can mitigate this by storing solar energy. Using solar batteries allows you to have a ready source of energy to power essential appliances and functions in the case of a blackout. What is even better, in this case, is that this stored energy will be replenished as soon as the solar panels start to generate more power. Any excess energy is taken to the storage batteries, ready to be used in the event of a blackout.

Save Money

If you live in a state where energy costs differ across time periods, then you stand to save a lot of money by adding storage capabilities to your solar system. This is because you have the option to switch to solar power during the expensive time bands and then switch back to the grid when energy rates are lower. This flexibility is likely to save you hundreds of dollars every week in energy costs.

Zero Noise Pollution

One of the advantages of using batteries to store solar power is the fact that you experience less noise pollution as opposed to using generators as a backup power plan. Not only are generators noisy but the rising costs of gasoline mean that you are going to face ever-rising energy bills when you rely on backup generators/. Solar batteries seamlessly integrate into your power system, enabling them to keep your home powered without much fuss. 

Offload Excess Power to the Grid

There are states that allow people with excess solar energy to offload it into the main grid for energy credits. These can then be redeemed when you use the main grid for power. Having a solar battery enables you to be energy secure, meaning that you can easily offload any excess energy into the grid when your batteries are full. This way, you are assured of energy if the grid is down but you also save a ton of money by cashing in on the energy that you uploaded into the grid earlier.