Can Solar Panels Work Without A Battery?

If you are a homeowner and you are thinking of setting up a solar energy system, you may be wondering if you need a solar battery component. Like all questions that relate to energy, the answers often are found by looking at your energy objectives as well as your current usage patterns.  So, can you have solar panels without a battery? Read on to find this out.

How Solar Batteries Work

Solar batteries are used to store excess solar energy that is generated by your system. Such energy is then utilized during times when energy generation may not be very high. For most people, solar batteries power their homes during the night, or when there is a power outage.  Therefore, to answer the question, solar energy systems can operate without solar batteries. What this means for the homeowner is that excess power will not be stored and will likely be lost. The only exception to this is in states where power utility companies allow solar energy systems to upload any excess energy to the grid. This is done in exchange for energy credits which can then be utilized at another time by the homeowner.

In this sense then, the grid acts as a large energy storage unit for the homeowner. We are going to look at scenarios where a solar battery backup may be useful.

Solar Batteries Even Out Usage Patterns

In most typical American homes, energy usage in the house is typically lowest during the day. This is because, during the day, people are away at work or school. However, this is the period of time when solar energy generation is likely to be highest. During the evening when your solar panels are generating the least power, this is when home energy usage is at its highest. To cover this disparity, solar energy batteries store power generated during the day and make it available at night when you need it.  This helps you to make the most out of your solar energy system.

One way to get a clear understanding of your energy usage patterns is to do an energy audit of your home. Solar energy experts will help map out the levels of energy usage in your home as well as the patterns that this usage follows. This information will make it easier for you to make the decision on whether you need solar energy batteries or not.

Solar Batteries Act As Power Backup

Another reason to consider having solar energy storage capabilities is as a backup to the grid energy.  Power outages can happen after storms, sabotage, or earthquakes. When this happens, it may take a few days for grid energy to be restored. In such circumstances, homeowners will use solar batteries to keep their homes powered. Solar batteries are increasingly popular as backup sources of power due to their flexibility, convenience, and zero emissions.

Is Energy Storage Right For Me?

Ultimately, understanding your energy usage patterns will be the key determinant when it comes to this question. If you need solar energy at night, then the ability to store energy will help you make the most out of your solar energy system.