How Can You Lower Your Pool Heating Costs?

How Can You Lower Your Pool Heating Costs?

You may already be using residential solar panels to power your home. If so, that’s great! But what about that beautiful pool out back?

You love your pool, but you could really use some advice as to how to reduce pool heating expenditures. Fortunately, the following information deals with exactly that. Here’s some advice as to how to lower your pool heating costs.

Use a Pool Cover

Preventing heat loss from the pool’s surface is important to minimize energy consumption. By installing a pool cover, you can:

  • Conserve water
  • Reduce maintenance efforts
  • Save energy

Pool covers act as a barrier between the water surface and the outside air. This minimizes evaporation by nearly 50% to 70%. Combining pool covers with other heating methods (i.e., solar or pool heat pumps) can raise the pool’s temperature by 6 to 8°. That leads to significant savings. To maximize the benefits, make sure the pool cover fits precisely and think about purchasing a roller for convenient storage and removal.

Optimize Pump and Filtration Settings for Energy Efficiency

The pool’s water filtration pump is a major contributor to electricity consumption. It accounts for roughly 18% of the overall bill. Energy-efficient pool pumps with multiple speed options offer a smart solution. By running the pump at lower speeds during filtration, you can significantly reduce electricity usage. Investing in a more energy-efficient pump, even if it has a higher upfront cost, will lead to long-term savings.

Example: A three-star single-speed pump incurs a lifetime cost of around $3900. Typically, a seven-star variable speed pump costs roughly $2750 over its lifespan.

With the introduction of minimum energy performance standards and mandatory labeling regulations, buying an efficient pool pump has become easier.

Upgrade to a Pool Heat Pump

Pool heat pumps are highly energy efficient. They produce a substantial amount of heat while consuming minimal energy. These pumps can be installed both indoors and outdoors. But it’s advisable to consult a pool heating specialist to determine the most efficient option.

Transition to Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar pool heaters harness the sun’s energy to heat the pool. It provides a cost-effective solution to reduce heating expenses. Compared to gas pool heaters and heat pump pool heaters, solar systems have lower annual operating costs. This system circulates pool water through a network of tubes or collectors typically mounted on the roof. Here, heat is absorbed before returning the heated water to the pool. These collectors come in multiple tube strips or panels. The size and number of collectors per square meter determine the amount of heat absorbed and the resulting temperature increase.

A thermal tube solar pool heating system boasts unique solar pool heating panels with 80 tubes per square meter. It offers 45% greater efficiency compared to other solar pool heaters. Combining a solar pool heater with a pool heat pump further enhances cost savings.

Possibly one of the simplest steps you can take when the pool is not in use is to lower the heating temperature.

Reduce Pool Heating Costs with Solar Power

Save money and the environment with our solar pool equipment from Solar Energy Solutions of America. Enjoy the sunny days and reduce your pool heating costs. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner with your own pool, we understand the responsibilities that come with it. With our efficient and sustainable power solution, you can enjoy the benefits of owning the pool while minimizing your impact on the planet. Experience the power of solar energy to heat your pool and start saving today.