How Much Power Does An Industrial Solar Panel Produce?

How Much Power Does An Industrial Solar Panel Produce?

Solar panel systems generate renewable energy that is environmentally friendly. This contributes to sustainable energy development. It’s not surprising that the use of solar energy by commercial buildings has been rapidly increasing. The installation of solar panels demonstrates a company’s commitment to the environment.

Here, we will explore the power differences between residential and industrial solar panels, highlighting their benefits, and more.

Industrial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels are larger than residential panels, with a typical system having 96 cells and measuring 78″ x 39″. In contrast, residential panel systems usually consist of 72 cells and measure 65″ x 39″.

Efficiency of Commercial Solar Power

Commercial solar power is approximately 2% more efficient than residential solar power. Why is that? Answer: Commercial panels generate more power due to their larger size.

Power Generation of Solar Panels

A typical 5 kW solar panel array occupies around 400 square feet of space and can produce an average of 350 to 850 kW of AC energy per month. As a point of reference, the average household consumes about 897 kW per month.

In contrast, industrial solar panels can generate an average of 350 to 400 watts. Due to their size and weight, 72 cell panels are typically used in commercial solar projects rather than residential homes.

Benefits of Installing Industrial/Commercial Solar Systems

Besides the environmental benefits of commercial solar systems, they can also help reduce electricity costs. In two-thirds of the world, renewable energy is more affordable than traditional carbon-based electricity. With an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, industrial solar panels offer a good return on investment.

Solar energy is cheaper than traditional sources due to the absence of market volatility. Fossil fuel prices are unpredictable and do not necessarily become more affordable over time. They are finite resources. In contrast, the costs of using solar systems have been consistently decreasing due to technological advancements.

Why Choose Commercial Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels on commercial or industrial buildings can significantly lower operating and energy costs. This increases profitability. Going solar also reduces carbon footprint and enhances the company’s image as an environmentally responsible entity. What’s more, it boosts the building’s value, ensures low energy costs, and improves its physical appearance.

Solar panels typically come with a 25-year warranty and require minimal maintenance since they have no moving parts. An investment like this offers exemplary returns and peace of mind.

High Points of Commercial Solar Panels

  • Electricity Generation: Solar energy provides free electricity throughout the system’s 25-year span. This leads to substantial monthly bill reductions.
  • Environmental Impact: Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is clean and sustainable. This results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The standard 50 kW solar system installation is equivalent to planting over 800 trees and eliminating 80 tons of greenhouse gases annually.
  • Energy Savings: Solar systems are a profitable investment, with consumers enjoying a 25 to 30% return on investment through significant electricity bill savings.

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