Maintenance Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Solar Panels

Have you realized that the output of your solar panel system is not as efficient as before? If so, you may be wondering if your panels have reached the end of Solar panels lifespan, which can be unlikely if you have only made the switch recently. And living in Southwest Florida, you will want to take advantage of the sunshine that is to be had in abundance almost all year round! Thankfully, there are many top tips you can follow to extend solar panels’ lifespans, which we will share more about in this article.

Give Them a Good Clean & Increase Solar Panels Lifespan

How often you should clean your solar panels will depend on how much dirt and debris has had the chance to accumulate on them. If you live in a particularly dusty area or if lots of construction work take place near you, a weekly cleaning may be necessary. A quick hose down will do the job as long as there isn’t any caked-on dirt on your panels, which you will have to go to greater lengths to remove.

When your solar panels are obstructed by dirt and debris, this can result in them performing below their maximum capacity. Avoid using sponges or abrasive soaps to clean your solar panels as you do not want to get scratches on them. Some biodegradable soap will do the trick, and once you have gotten rid of that layer of dust, you will soon start to notice your meter running efficiently again.

Monitor Your Panels Regularly

While you don’t have to monitor them obsessively every day, do try to take a look at your solar panel system every once in a while. If the green light is flashing, call in a professional. You may not be able to diagnose what has gone wrong by yourself, but that’s what your warranty is for!

Keep Solar Panels Out of Shaded Areas

It goes without saying that your panels should receive maximum exposure to sunlight in order to function at their best. If anything has changed since the time you got them installed, such as if a nearby tree is obscuring all or part of your panels, take action. If any part of a solar panel is shaded, this means that you are losing output, and by doing something as simple as trimming back a tree, you can regain the output you have been missing out on.

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