Pairing the Right Pool Size to Solar Installation Standards

The popularity of pool solar solutions is on the rise, and for a good reason. Solar Pool Heating for pools is great for the environment, and it’s also a customized strategy for those who always want to have sustainable control over water temperature.

Ultimately, a Solar Pool Heater can be fitted to a pool of any size. The general rule of thumb is that the square footage of the installed solar panel collector should be as close as possible to the total square footage of the pool.

That said, solar for pools is very dependent on the average climate and the desired heat levels to be maintained. Pools with larger dimensions will inevitably require more and likely larger solar panels than those needed for a smaller pool.

If you’re interested in pool solar options, it’s essential to consider how many months out of the year that you use your pool. Pools that remain open for the entire year will require larger solar collectors. If your pools open seasonally, you can likely outfit it with smaller panels.

The general recommendation by the Department of Energy is that the solar collector is between 50% and 100% of the pool’s total surface square footage. That means if a pool has dimensions of 15 feet x 20 feet, the solar collector used to generate energy needs to be between 150 and 300 square feet in size.