The Average Lifespan Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as more users are switching to this alternative energy source. It is much greener and environmentally friendly as it does not produce any emissions. The maintenance of solar panels is also relatively minimal and they are less likely to break down as there is a lack of moving parts on the whole system. Solar panels also have warranty periods that last quite long, owing to their lifespan. To find out more about the lifespan of solar panels, continue reading the article below.

The lifespan of Solar Panels

Due to a growing desire to reduce our carbon emissions and impact on the environment as well as rising energy bills, solar panels are becoming a progressively popular solution for the provision of energy to homes. The most recent solar panel models found on the market have an average lifespan of up to 40 to 50 years with warranties that cover them for at least half of that time. Solar panel warranties also guarantee their performance over the course of half of their lifespan. Most warranties guarantee that solar panels will continue to deliver at least 80 percent of performance before the end of their warranty period. In fact, there are some solar panel models that are known to stay above 80 percent of efficiency even beyond their average lifespan. 

Reasons Why Solar Panels Degrade

Extreme climates cause crystalline silicon modules to exhibit higher degradation rates as compared to moderate climates. For extremely cold climates, solar panels are subjected to heavy wind and snow which cause them to suffer the most. Panels that were installed in a façade within a similar setting also show very low degradation rates as the snow load is diminished. For solar panels in desert climates, they display a significant reduction in energy production over time as a result of high levels of UV exposure. This reduction is substantial as compared to panels in moderate climates which have the ability to retain at least 96 percent of their energy production capacity after 20 years.

Extending Life of Solar Panels

Solar panels have been designed and built to withstand harsh and unexpected weather conditions over an extended period of time. This is the reason why solar panels are highly durable and require little to no maintenance throughout their whole lifespan. In general, if the solar panels are kept clean in a good condition, they should function as expected in full efficiency for a very long time. It is also essential for you to regularly inspect the output of the solar panels via a monitoring system or inverter. If the output is much lesser than what you expect, you will be able to detect its underlying cause early so appropriate measures can be implemented to get the system up and running according to your expectations. Proper installation of solar panels is also important to ensure they get to run effectively and stay up to industry standards. Always rely on a trusted service provider like Solar Energy Solutions of America for all your solar energy needs.