The Solar Attic Fan Installation Process

At Solar Energy Solutions of America, we make the solar attic fan installation process simple and streamlined. Simply call us to set up a no-cost consultation so we can evaluate your space and determine how our energy-efficient solutions could be useful.

Our professional staff is always available to help customers not only select just the right products to meet their needs and energy goals but to determine the best place on the roof to guarantee your solar attic fan is working at its most effective level. For many Florida-based customers, this ends up being the south side of the roof which tends to see maximum light exposure.

Once the location is firmly decided upon, it’s time to get the solar attic fan installed. All it takes is a small hole in the roof through which to connect the mounting equipment and your solar fan is ready to go. No need to worry, all equipment is thoroughly checked after installation is complete to make sure it’s up and running properly.