What to consider before pool solar installation

When deciding whether to have a solar pool heater installed, it’s essential to examine a few factors to determine the system you need.:

  • How much sun do you get?
  • Solar heating systems rely on the sun; therefore, your pool site needs to have enough unshaded area on the roof and a southern, western, or eastern exposure to supply the necessary resources. Solar for pools uses direct sunlight and ambient air temperature to heat your pool.

  • What size system is right for you?
  • Solar collectors should take up a size equal to 100 percent of your pool’s surface area to acquire even heating. How much space you can devote to solar panels also depends on whether you want to use your pool year-round or just during a regular swimming season. Your contractor can advise you on the system size that best suits your needs.

  • How much money can a solar heater save?
  • Calculate how much it will cost to use solar heat with information about your collector’s BTU rating, how many panels or pipes you’ll use, and total installation costs. Remember that your installation costs will be offset more quickly with solar energy than with other sources.

  • What local laws or regulations affect solar installation?
  • our city, municipality, or building association may have specific codes or covenants regulating solar power installation, such as maximum roof loads, wiring regulations, equipment standards, zoning issues, or other requirements. Check with the appropriate authorities overseeing your area. Florida is a “right to the sun state,” so no HOA or anyone for that matter can deny you solar on your home.

  • How reliable is your solar energy installer?
  • The company that installs your pool’s solar heating setup should have a current and valid business license, an established track record of superior work, experience with multiple solar configurations, and a strong reputation in the community.

  • How extensive is your solar system’s warranty?
  • Your installer should have a solid warranty policy to back up your solar heating system’s performance, maintenance, and durability.

Solar Energy Solutions of America has extensive experience in providing solar solutions for Southwest Florida. Our 12-year pool solar warranty, veteran ownership, and track record of success are reasons why customers depend on us to bring the clean power of solar energy to their swimming pool heaters. Contact us for a free estimate and to find out more.