Why DIY Solar Panel Installation Is A Bad Idea

If you have decided to take the leap and get solar panels installed on your home, we congratulate you on this wise decision! However, if you are so eager that you are aching to head to the DIY shop to get started immediately, think twice. DIY solar panel installation is generally not a good idea for numerous reasons, including the possibility of missing out on rebates and voiding your warranty. Read on to find out why you should leave solar panel installation to the experts.

Not Knowing the Best Place to Install Your Solar Panels

Regardless of which direction your house is facing, you may be unsure of the best place to install your solar panels. If you do not have the expertise and equipment to take readings, angles, and measurements, you will be dealing with guesswork at best. In the long run, you may have to engage a solar panel installation company to reposition them for you anyway.

Voiding the Warranty

One thing you don’t want to end up doing is voiding the warranty on your solar panel system. By going ahead with DIY installation, you could very well be doing exactly that. It’s highly likely that you would have voided any warranty plan you have if you install your solar panels yourself, as many companies are particular about who installed your panels. When you go with a professional installation company, not only are all parts and materials warrantied, so is labor.

Putting Yourself in Danger 

Not all of us are experienced electricians or even possess the relevant knowledge to hook up wires to your new solar panel system and connect them to the electrical system in your house. If you inadvertently leave the electricity on while doing so, you can end up getting electrocuted. Failure to connect your panels correctly can lead to a power surge as well as other complications.

Missing Out on Rebates and Incentives 

Chances are, you are aware that switching to solar energy makes you eligible for certain rebates and incentives, but do you know anything more specific than that? When you go with a DIY solution, you may be missing out on certain incentives that you are entitled to. A professional installer will always make you aware of the regional, state, and federal benefits you are eligible for.

Let Solar Energy Solutions of America Take Care of Solar Panel Installation for You

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